from EUR 1500
9 – 13


11. Jan 2024
– 17. Jan 2024
North Thailand
11. Jan 2024
– 17. Jan 2024
North Thailand

Sweet perfect Earthchild born of love, 
Gaia Goddess blooming & blossoming in beauty, 
Precious Priestess power play is your daily slay, 
Magic Maker, Dreamweaver, Spellcaster, Life giver, 
Wild, Wise Wondrous Woman, Soul Star Leader, 
Could this revolutionary rollcall for radiance be calling you?

Gaia Star Goddess Retreat January 2024 In North Thailand – in 4 holy months! 

***Limited spots available 



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  • The main flavours of you, so rich, so diverse: sweet, spicy, sassy, soothing, soft, soul much more
  • Your energies, whether in solo or group spaces are: curious, supportive, kind, loving.
  • Your existing inner work helps you to discern and decide whats best for you in every moment (and its getting better!): you know your triggers, you’ve got your personal toolkit, practices of nervous system regulation and practices.
  • You have sat in circles with other women, sisters over time and understand the power it offers in its perfection, from belly to belly to belly to belly.
  • You are consistently exploring ways of embodying and expressing your unique version of Feminine Leadership into your life, your relationships, your work. 
  • You long to nourish yourself deeply in feminine energies, with the Earth, accompanied by women, sisters on their feminine spiritual path too.
  • You long to enter and be part of co-creative feminine spaces of deep beauty & magick.
  • You’re ready to give your body the revolutionary experience of 7 days of nourishment, strengthening, resting, playing, softening & rising into your radiant, feminine power


*Initial 1:1 consultation is 100% free of charge


  • Single Cottage Rooms
  • All teachings, excursions, ceremonies & practices (in official schedule)
  • All meals (Light Fruit Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks in between schedule)
  • Complimentary wifi (while in resort)
  • Hot Shower
  • Pickup Transport & arrangements from Chiang Mai City/Airport to Pai on 11th morning


  • International flights
  • International travel insurance that covers COVID 19 cancellations
  • Juices, Drinks, snacks outside of scheduled group times
  • Transport outside of schedule
  • Extra nights (if you choose to stay before or after)
  • Gratuities for staff



7:30 – 8:15am
Silent Tea Meditation
8:15am – 10am
Morning Embodiment Practice
(Women’s Yoga / Intuitive Movement / Breathwork / Ecstatic dance)
Light fruit followed by 1pm: Lunch
3pm – 5:30pm
Afternoon Workshop / Experience
(eg Beauty Creation / Moon Cycles)
Sunset Praise Blessings
Tribe daily check in (30min)



  • Can i stay longer than 1 week before and beyond the retreat dates?

    Of course, love! We are happy to support and assist you in booking additional days/nights of rest & relaxation with the resort. Additional nights are offered on an accommodation only basis, please check with us privately for the nightly rate.

  • Will i have to share my accomodation?

    We have designed this program to ensure that each woman has their own privacy in their relaxation and sleeping rhythms, unless otherwise requested or discussed.

    Our accommodation is offered as comfortable and clean cottage resort rooms. Each cottage room comes with either 1 double / 2 single beds, private bathroom, free WiFi, hot showers and bottled water

  • Are airport transfers included?

    No, airport transfers aren’t included as you first arrive (should you be arriving a day before) – its so easy though!

    There will be a pickup organised on 11th Jan morning from 10am from Chiang Mai city / Airport to Pai

  • What if i have special dietary requirements (gf/vegan/food allergies)

    Please do let us know about this in advance so we can make necessary arrangements to ensure you are nourished too!

  • What if i have an injury and am in the state of recovery, can i still attend?

    Providing your Doctor/Medical Specialist approves then yes you may attend the retreat. However it is important that you inform us as far in advance of your retreat as possible of any medical or general health issues that may affect your time at the retreat, so that as & where appropriate & possible we can make any adjustments required for your stay. If you would like to discus this further please contact me.

  • What should i prepare/bring along for this journey?


    • Reusable Water bottle
    • Personal Medication or supplies
    • Headphones/Earphones
    • Swimwear
    • Yoni egg (if you have one you already practice with – if not, don’t sweat it, all good, yoni exercises can be practiced without one, and there are ones you can purchase while here too ranging from Thb1,000 up)
    • Sex toy (if you have one!)
    • Essential oils / natural remedies you feel supported by while you are on the move
    • Credit card / cash: There are money changers in the area you will be located at, however, it is most recommended to come prepared and have Thai baht on hand
    • Walking sandals / shoes (comfortable for gentle hiking or moving around nature)
    • Personal toiletries
    • Comfortable, loose clothing
    • Yoga mat / any small portable cushion you may feel will support your time additionally
    • Sunhat / Sunscreen (if you are sensitive to the exposure of being in the sun)
    • Bug/mosquito spray
    • Journal & pen/pencils (this will be essential and highly recommended so you can, if you forget however there will be stationary available for purchase in town once you get on the island)
    • SPECIFIC OUTFITS: Please bring with you a red outfit, a black outfit, a blue outfit and a white one for some of the rituals we will be participating and delving into
    • INSTRUMENTS: Your own drum, bells, anything small and compact to bring (if its in your existing medicine self care tool kit, or else you can look at making a shamanic drum in 3 days with a local beloved Sufi artisan if there is enough time in your plan after our retreat) ; no worries if you do not have one, your body is a natural, percussive drumming heartbeat, and you will be guided on how to use it alongside all of us


    • a great deal of the benefit of spiritual exercises or retreats, holidays! is the ability to break from the day-to-day grind of life and spend dedicated time being in the process and gifts of this week. Often, the most challenging aspect of these retreats relates to our ability to really break away from the routine of noise and busy-ness and to quiet our minds enough to receive, with any measure of clarity. So, often, a good preparation is simply making the commitment to set aside all the cares of the world for a while. This preparation can be as simple as ensuring you have someone you trust to let the dog out and care for whatever matters you might be leaving behind for a few days.
    • Setup automated away (work) emails ; let your close ones know schedule and address of the resort. You can always leave the numbers of the resort / retreat support contact with family members in the case of a real emergency.
    • Intentions ; prayers: Leading up to the retreat you are invited to dedicate moments of your day to clarify your intentions, pray for guidance, for clear passage – There will be a retreat group chat setup a few days before, leading up to you physically arriving to support these steps ; there will be time given at the beginning of the retreat as well to serve this purpose of intentionalising and prayers – so don’t worry about a thing if you don’t – breathe and be glad to soon enter a shared womb portal of timeless beauty <3


Early Bird 1 (until 13.10.2023): EUR 1500 per pax

Phase 1: Early Honeyed Queen Bee Price from Sep 14 - Oct 13 (€1500 in full, Save US$300 by signing up first!)
BONUS GIFT: Receive a free 1-1 customised 90min online ceremony / blessing attunement with Leeliu)

Early Bird 2 (until 27.11.2023): EUR 1700 per pax

Phase 2: Hummingbird Price from Oct 14 - Nov 27 (€1700 in full)
BONUS GIFT: Receive a free 1-1 customised 45min ceremony / blessing attunement with Leeliu)

Full payment (from 27.11.2023): EUR 1800 per pax

Phase 3: Full payment between Nov 27 - 12 Dec 2023
ready with my full committed Yessss!

3 months instalment plan: EUR 1900 per pax

1st deposit €500 and €700 / month x 2

Deposit Payment

An initial deposit payment of € 500 is required. The deposit payment is non refundable (see terms & conditions)

Price Notes

Please note all instalment options need to be complete by mid December 2023.

Booking and retreat space is only confirmed once payment is fully made.

Kindly message Leeliu payment confirmation at +4915209711573

*Initial 1:1 consultation is 100% free of charge

Optional packages

Leeliu Shakti Healing Session

with Leeliu

Duration: 2 h

Price: € 220

Slots: 1 before & after retreat

In this customized 2 hour intentional ceremony and healing session, Leeliu will support your return to your natural, essence – includes intuitive bodywork and healing touch, movement, breathwork, visualization, prayer.

Photo Shooting

with Axel

Duration: 1 h

Price: € 377

Slots: 2 spontaneously during or after the retreat

In this artistic, transformative, soul nourishing and healing 1 hour photography session, you will work 1-1 with Axel and be guided back into your divine essence, your natural beauty, through the loving lens of his camera.
Bring home with you, reminders of beauty, love and empowerment, your own, embraced by the surroundings of magnificent Pai – these images you will be able to use personally as a memento, or professionally in your business & profile.
Couple shoots also available – enquire for more information.


Your Hosts


Leeliu is born & grew up in Singapore, with her ancestry originating from South China –
She began her spiritual journey in her adolescent years exploring spirituality through the healing arts & yoga, meditation.
On her soul journey she has (and continues to) travel, to explore and be a keen student and devotee of universal wisdom teachings of the heart, and spirit from different traditions and faiths – Paganism, Buddhism, Shamanism, Taoism, Sufism, Christianity, Judaism, Ba’hai.
Currently Based in Germany, she offers ceremonies, healings and teaches online, and worldwide.

Leeliu specializes in guiding women (and more and more, men!) to reconnect back to Spirit,
To their womb, their bodies and hearts through embodiment practices, aligning mind, body, and soul.
Clients & students who have learned and received from Leeliu have said that she is open hearted, inclusive, nourishing, impactful, sincere & relatable in her offerings of facilitating healing and transformation. To learn more about Leeliu, visit her website


Experiencing Leeliu’s Adoring the Goddess: 1 Day Radiant Women’s Retreat, there is no doubt that she is doing exactly what she was created for, manifesting and holding space for women to connect with their divine feminine, as sisters and as guardians of this Earth. Her singing and spirited language is what weaves the magic and sacredness into
all that she guides and served as inspiration and as a comfort to give fully to each practice.

Her free-spirited, openness and wild woman energy makes it feel like all is welcome, accepted and celebrated. Rarely do I see such a diverse group of women come together, bringing a deep sense of ease and inclusiveness. Combined with the womb and pelvic wisdom by facilitator Amber Sawyer, I left feeling deeply nourished, embodied and reminded of my truest nature.
Tracy Philips
Leeliu is a true inspiration. Not only does she gallantly gather groups of the most extraordinary women, she also delivers a gentle and silent promise of community, safety and love in gathering sisters together to playfully, willingly, soulfully, and without agenda, be women. To REMEMBER what being a woman is and help us come back to our bodies and get back to balance is such potent medicine. Leeliu is just the ticket for anyone feeling too busy for self-care or disconnected from their body or feminine essence. As a bare-minimum women would do well to retreat with Leeliu at least once a year -- to fill their cup (if not more). I've never seen a single women crack open so many hearts filled with joyful deserving tears. Leeliu gives us permission to receive, own our values and be reminded of just how special and worthy we all are.
Tori Lee, UK
This retreat with Leeliu was one of the best gifts I could have given to myself as new mama emerging in this season of life. The time to slow down, pause, rest, reconnect with myself and sit in circle with sisters was the nourishment I needed. We can’t give what we don’t have, and we definitely cannot pour from an empty cup. I came back feeling like I filled my cup and that I also had the ability and courage to take space to fill that cup again when I needed it. Leeliu has a way of sprinkling magic wherever she goes and reminding you to connect to the deepest version of yourself, and to love yourself for all of who you are so you can show up in the world as your truest self. Going on this retreat has given me the space to be a better leader, partner, mama and person. So so grateful.
Jiezhen Wu, California/Singapore
Dearest woman let me share my impression of a 7-day women's retreat with LeeLiu that I attended on the paradisiacal island Koh Phangan. It was a magical vacation! I could reconnect with my lost sense of pleasure, joy, serenity and peace in my heart. There was time for reflection, for a sweet rest and pleasure, for connection with other women, and with the goddesses within us. I also loved the food that was cooked with love. We enjoyed some of the best experiences offered on the island, and we were treated as VIP. I loved being a part of the circle held by Leeliu. She creates a truly sacred space for miracles to happen. I am very lucky, this is what I can say!
Oksana, Ukraine/Singapore
The Guidance in Venusian Rising Retreat felt so rich, wild, powerful, soft and organically transforming. Her inner Jaguar showed us the Venus Path, a Path where the Women can flow in her own Way. Together we Rise.
7 Days we shared our Dreams, Desires, Stories and Emotions. We danced, prayed, cried, laughed, cried again.
7 Days of Ceremonies, Devotional Practices, Flower Baths, Cacao Blessings, Beauty Rituals and Womb Meditations.
Together in a women collective we have touched so many Layers of the feminine together. So deep and rich, like Ocean full of Love.Leeliu has the Capacity of the Big Loving Mother, she can hold Space for so many of us. Being in her Energy feels so safe, trustful and opening. She helped me to open myself more for this World, to show who i am, what my gifts are, where my Potential of being is. I am feeling so blessed to meet her WonderWomen being. Thank you for inviting me and other women to really feel, what sacred beauty on this Earth can be like❤️To work with Leeliu has been gifting in so many ways. She has taught me the Medicine of the Rose. The Medicine of self-love. The Medicine of receiving. The Medicine of the Lotus. The medicine of owning myself and my inner voice.
I love you thank you for being you. Thank you for your Heart, your Sparks, your Wisdom, your Intelligence, your Presence, your Holiness.
Cati Carbone, Germany/Thailand