Venus Rising: Wise Women Dance & Song Empowerment Circle

23. November 2022
– 23. November 2022
– 21:45
Rote Fabrik – Brunhamstr. 19a, Munich
€ 33
8 –

Reinvent yourself by having fun, going deep! 

We are setting off on a journey together to travel and explore, to activate and embrace the Wise Woman, the Wild Woman, the Mother, and the Temptress within you, and more in our prayer circle together. 

Enhance your adventurous spirit during this Sagitarrius New Moon time, celebrate and get your loving crazy on! 

Become the living prayer of Earth Sun & Fire Star of Venus, and receive this powerful prayer with other women, queens, embodying the same. 

When we join together there is a communal transmission, a communal healing… As we heal, we heal the earth, as the earth heals, she heals us, as we receive, we give.  

Nourish & be nourished. Listen & be held. Feel & be felt. Receive and be received. 

Come as you are, leave feeling more empowered, sexy, juicy, loving, beautiful. 

You are so welcome. 



  • Embodied Practices from Tao, holistic sexuality, sensuality & other wisdom teachings of the feminine, to strengthen your sensitivity, love, self love and empowerment.  
  • You will experience & acquire some simple, profound tools and practices to facilitate your own womb clearing & empowerment, as well as deepen your connection to your body, womb and heart spaces to unfold deeper healing within your vessel.
  • Welcome to join us, and enter a precious time of receiving the gift of deep, 
  • SACRED womanhood, sisterhood, divine onehood


There will be photography from 815pm entering the space ; to serve us leaning and leading in empowerment and beauty expressions! Please know photos taken can be shared for your own personal use (not for commercial use). If you do not wish to be photographed or featured, please let us know and it will be honoured.



  • Feeling overwhelmed by life, wishing to make time to care for yourself, to feel held and supported by a safe space of nourishment 
  • Wanting to gift yourself the healing powers of being in sisterhood and a feminine space to restore & rejuvenate 
  • Curious to receive practices that can increase your love and appreciation for self, you’re your womb, to reawaken your passion for life, and create deep changes from within 
  • Ready to preciously nourish your feminine body, spirit, heart and soul 
  • Longing to connect & remember the powers of your sensuality, sexuality, divine feminine essence 
  • just longing to let loose, let go, welcome your inner child/slut/queen/wild woman to come alive, & have some fun!

This offering is for all women from all stages phases and walks of life, the space meets you exactly where you are in your body, sensuality and life – whether you’ve never attended a women’s circle, or have been practicing and gathering with women for years – All of you is welcome.


  • Sacred objects you would like to charge & bless & beautify our central altar together (fruit, feather, stone, crystal, jewellery, statue)
  • Something soft and comfortable for you personally, to sit and rest on for your Queen self 
  • Writing pen & journal (for notes and reflection, contemplation time) 
  • Anything a little snack to share after 
  • your own cutlery, plate/bowl, cup for drinking tea 
  • a curious and open heart (you are welcome as you perfectly are)


I understand that any information or guidance that I receive in this workshop should not be construed as a substitute for any medical examination, diagnosis or treatment; and that I should see a physician or other qualified medical specialist for any ailment of which I am currently aware. I understand that Leeliu is not medically qualified to diagnose, prescribe or treat any illness, and nothing said in the course of the session should be construed as such. I take full responsibility for my well being and actions during the workshop and do not hold the practitioner liable for any outcomes resulting from this workshop.

Your Hosts


Mistress of Ceremony, Divine Muse, Wisdom Keeper, New Earth Leader

Leeliu is a culture change maker of the New Earth.
As a holistic sacred feminine embodied mentor, she advocates feminine empowerment & leadership, aligned with individual & collective Soul Sovereignty. 

She is committed to nurture and guide a global community of embodied sacred, sensual women from all cultures and backgrounds, to express their feminine essence and powers of beauty into the world. And re-educating beloved men along the way too! 

Devoted to heart-based intentional living with earth based principles & unity consciousness, she dedicates her life in exquisite expressions as moving poetry, a living prayer, of embodied wild beauty.

Inspired by her lifelong passion for dance, the arts, creative expression, feminine spirituality, Leeliu provides safe and powerful containers for women and men alike, to return to their innate purity and divine essence, through embodiment, and transformational inner work.

She walks, dances, sings her path of love for Earth, creating and igniting magickal, beautiful ceremonial spaces, bringing her infectious healing presence of joy and loving wonder, wherever she goes, through the feminine healing arts.

Leeliu is a certified yoga teacher, meditator, a modern day temple priestess, Chi Nei Tsang & intuitive massage therapist, a reiki practitioner, a curator & facilitator of intentional gatherings, a keen writer, an activist for trees and clean water – a fierce hearted daughter of the earth, loving sister, mother, lover of life.

Praises about Leeliu

Leeliu ist erfüllt von einer tiefen Liebe zum Leben. Sie strahlt aus ihrem Herzen und verkörpert so viele Facetten und Qualitäten: magisches Kind, wilde Frau, fürsorgliche Mutter und Schwester, Zauberin, Heilerin, Hexe, Königin, Geliebte, alterslose Weisheit, reinste Freude, Verbindung mit Mutter Erde, den Elementen, der Heiligkeit allen Seins.
Ihre Rede ist Gesang, ist Poesie, ist Gurren, ist Flüstern, ist Einladung oder Anfeuern - was immer es braucht, um die innere Flamme des Lebendig-Seins und der Liebe zu sich selbst neu zu entfachen.
Leeliu lockt, verführt, bezaubert, ermutigt, inspiriert, verbindet. Sie nimmt uns mit auf eine Reise zu uns selbst, unserem vollen Mensch-Sein in heiler und heiliger Weiblichkeit und Männlichkeit.
Mahima, Munich, Germany
Auf dem Herzflugfestival vom 12. – 14.08.2022 in Schloss Blumenthal durfte ich eine geführte Meditations- Bewegungs- und Tanzreise mit Leeliu erleben. Leeliu hat uns mit viel Leichtigkeit und der Kraft der Freude von den blinkenden Sternen auf die Erde geholt. Ihr erdiges, lebendiges, weibliches, kraftvolles und zartes Wesen hat mich in meine eigene wilde Weiblichkeit geführt. Endlich bei mir ankommen und mich voll und ganz spüren. Vor Lebendigkeit und Liebe sprühen. Ich kann es jetzt noch fühlen wenn ich daran denke.
Gabriele Gieger, Germany
In einem Feld zu sein, in dem Leeliu wirkt ist ein ZAUBER & weckt in jedem von uns die Erinnerungen an unseren wahren URSPRUNG und eröffnet einen Raum in dem wir tief verbunden sind…mit der Erde, mit der Quelle und mit dem Funken in uns selbst.
Ich bin zutiefst dankbar, in ihr Wirken eintauchen zu dürfen…
Ihre PRÄSENZ und ihr soSEIN ist einzigartig und du kannst selbst wieder leicht und frei in dein ganz eigenes kraftvolles, wildes & verspieltes Sein eintauchen..
ich freue mich auf jeden Raum den sie noch kreieren wird und auf jeden Kreis den wir gemeinsam celebrieren, denn es ist an der Zeit unser wildes& freies Sein wieder zum Leben zu erwecken.. :-)
Mirjam Lunaja





23. November 2022

7pm – 945pm

Arrive, register, sign in by 630pm
Please arrive with ease and settle in as we will begin on time

7pm – 715pm

Landing; Intro; welcome

715pm – 745pm

Opening Ceremony; consecration of body temple, calling in directions, sacred space co-creation

745pm – 815pm

Opening the bodies; Embodied practices (breathwork, movement, pair work)

815pm – 840pm

Shakti Womb empowering song circle

840pm – 910pm

ShaktiDance Womb Prayer Ritual Dance Party!

910pm – 920pm

Rest, restore, receive, reflect, remember (rest & journaling)

920pm – 940pm

Returning, Sharing

940pm – 945pm

Closing, Womb Blessings


Standard: € 33 per person

Price Notes

Refunds or cancellations can only be issued if you have requested it within 48 hours of the event time and day, this serves us enough time to open up your space to others. Thank you for honouring this and the sacred space we are creating together.