WONDER WOMAN 9-week online EMBODIED ADVENTURE of beauty, joy & self worship

25. August 2022
– 20. October 2022
– 15:30
€ 445.50 - 495
via zoom

In the current shifting changing times of the world, there can be a sense of overwhelm.

Endless sea of items on the to-do list, so many things to take care of, a whole collection of situations and relationships to tend to. The nervous system gets hyper stimulated, and your sense of inner ease, peace and natural joy, becomes compromised.

This is an invitation to enter a time, a sacred sanctuary space that serves YOU.

A journey of self, for self, with self, that welcomes you to set all things and matters aside.


Reviving the SPIRIT, of HOLY. WONDER. WOMAN.

You get to dial into the sacred soul of the self and connect with your natural state of being.

Your self care is so sacred, so necessary -your choice to care and tend to your health and well-being; coming into an intentional space of healing and restoration provides an opportunity to regenerate your whole being.

Your rest is vital. You don’t have to earn it, to deserve it.  

Your self love, joy, devotion – is your superpower.

Investing in the divine currency, of restoring your precious energies, enable you to embrace the world in all its again, feeling more resourced and centred, from within.

Your choice to dedicate and devote time to love up on yourself is a declaration,

That more of us wombmyn are ready and showing up, serve ourselves first, in loving power.

We are no longer hiding away working on our personal shifts and shadows on our own, in sufferance.

We are no longer choosing to dance the choreography of the patriarchy. (pushing, forcing, over doing)

We are (and have always been) deserving, of unconditional care, unyielding love.

We are shaping new ways of moving and regenerating our energies – reigniting the flames of the feminine, coming back together to do this sacred work of LOVING.

Cultivating and deepening in the practice of radiant reverence – loving this divine being, YOU.

We are showing up to learn, unlearn, relearn ways of loving ourselves, truly, and entirely.

We are showing up, to show ourselves how to move our bodies (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) for NOURISHMENT. RESTORATION. CELEBRATION.

In gathering in these ways we are reawakening our shared womb web consciousness as women, in community, harmony, togetherness, unity. Interbeing. Interdependence. Serving each other mirrors of unique and diverse femininity, love and beauty, LOVING POWER.

This adventure, is about embarking on a journey, coming into a deeper intimacy, love and honesty with yourself, your body, and life. You will explore & discover pathways to awakening your heart’s truth, your authentic expressions. Every week will be guided by the wisdom of the directions inspired by the 7 galactic directions (with the 8th call being an integration + celebration journey)- uniquely flavoured by different inspirations stemming from nature, interfaith teachings and wisdom – we will be communing more deeply with the rhythms of the Earth & Moon cycles within and around us – in our 9 weeks, we will be journeying through the energies of 2 New Moons and 2 Full Moons together. Magick!

This is a prayer. A ceremony. A reclamation. A celebration.

Traversing and travelling into our inner landscapes, soulscapes, heartscapes, we enter this adventure together.

Of Woman. Of your divine unique flavours and personal embodied experience, of woman.

Your self care transforms the landscape and soulscape of the collective.

Your self leadership creates more sustainable, continuous, loving change, inside out.

We are re-writing the stories of


We are reshaping ourselves in remembrance of the multi-faceted beings that we each, and all are.

And we are going to choose to travel lightly, lovingly, having fun doing so.

We are going to anchor more joy, beauty, and wonder in the world.  

It is TIME.

Come with openness, curiosity and humility to learn more about yourself, your relationship to and with the Earth, and the Divine.  

The gift of an online journey is the ability to infuse your living space, home sanctuary with the sacred,

to meet yourself most intimately at the comfort of your own nest, cocoon, temple.  To make love in devotion to yourself, and still be in loving companionship with other sisters, women entering into this wondrous adventure together.

You are so welcome,


a deep wondrous weekly journey
through a simplified & dynamic brew of
movement (a blend of yoga, qigong, dance,
guided intuitive movements, singing)
contemplations & journaling
visualisations, meditations
connection games (self, spirit, sisterhood)


25 Aug – 20 Oct 2022
THURSDAYS UTC+ 2 – 2pm -330pm, 90mins

  • Week 1, 25 Aug:
  • Week 2, 1 Sep:
  • Week 3, 8 Sep:
  • Week 4, 15 Sep:
  • Week 5, 22 Sep:
  • Week 6, 29 Sep:
  • Week 7, 6 Oct:
  • Week 8, 13 Oct:
  • Week 9, 20 Oct: Integration, Revelations, Celebration!

Each week will be accompanied with: 1 mantra, 1 story, 1 breathwork technique, 1 poem, 1 song (to learn to sing), 1 prayer dance (to offer in unison)  

(Sign up gate closes by midnight Tuesday, 23rd August) 


  • Early bee for this sweet honey
    (Jul 29 – Aug 19): 445.5 Euros 
    (10% off it’s a super sweeeeeeeet deal!!) 
  • Normal Price
    (from Aug 20– Aug 23): 495 Euros