WonderWombmyn of Venus: 6-week online Women’s Devotional Journey

8. November 2022
– 13. December 2022
– 15:30
€ 330
8 –
via zoom

Imagine yourself feeling and experiencing Being more relaxed, nourished, inspired, joyful, sexy, creative, playful. Experiencing greater vitality. energy and vibrancy. Feeling more juicy and joyful. Less pushing, more flowing in your knowing. 

See, feel and imagine how the world outside starts to respond to you as you embody deeper, inner states of these qualities, inherently part of your Nature. 

Everything else feels calmer, softer, more balanced. Your relationships personally, and professional will experience a shift. 

You, choosing, committing to greater levels of self care, and self love, as a revolutionary new way of Being a more empowered, nourished, heart centred, womb sensitive woman in the world. 

Enter into this sanctuary, to take refuge and lay aside personal days of schedules, and doing and give yourself intentional, sacred time to yourself, in the company of other women, doing the same, resting, relaxing, rejuvenating, restoring: 

Empowering your feminine essence with deepening into your natural, feminine principles,

To slow down, to pause, receive, listen, and deepen into ourselves, in loving care and encouragement.

  • Reset your nervous system.
  • Revive the spirited, wild, sacred feminine within You.
  • Return to Your unique essence of beauty, sensuality, sweetness, Love.
  • Refine Your sensitivity to attune more naturally, to your inner wisdom and knowing.
  • Reclaim Your feminine power for a wider, wilder, wonderfilled experience of living, and loving Life. as the unrepeatable miracle, magic, magnetic woman that You are. 

Allow this Venus themed womb space to hold you for this 6 week online spirit-led feminine journey of Self love, Earth magic, energy healing, embodiment.

Our weekly meetings and sanctuary time is one that will support you in cultivating and deepening your relationship with:

  • your natural rhythms and cycles of Being, Woman. 
  • The Earth, the elements, your senses
  • your inner compass of intuition, wisdom , listening to, and trusting your voice, your expressions, your feelings
  • tending to and nurturing yourself as an honourable, sacred vessel of Love, Wonder, Wombmyn. Self adoration, reverence, celebration. 
  • our Patron Goddess, Venus, planet of Beauty, Love, Pleasure
  • the healing, life giving essence of LOVE (God, Source, Spirit, Mother – Practices, teachings and sharing offered will be influenced by ancient & old traditions from different faiths that serve the same universal truths of LOVE.) 
  • living a more meaningful, heart centred life 
  • other women, sisters, feminine bodies on the same path of self leadership like you

This journey is personal, and yet will influence and impact your outer world.

As Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”

When we can be of greater beneficial help to ourselves, we can in turn be of greater service to the world. 

This will be the final iteration of the WonderWoman series, as we dive deeper into a greater deeper journey in 2023. 

Weekly Self Care Adventures will be inspired by Venus & the elements, to include and contain a simplified & dynamic concoction of 

  • embodiment practices (dance, qigong, Breathwork, guided intuitive movements, singing)
  • womb centric practices 
  • meditation
  • visualisation
  • affirmations
  • contemplation and journaling 

Your Hosts


Leeliu is born in Singapore, with her ancestry originating from South China –
She began her spiritual journey in her adolescent years exploring spirituality through the healing arts & yoga, meditation.
On her soul journey she has (and continues to) travel, to explore and be a keen student and devotee of universal wisdom teachings of the heart, and spirit from different traditions and faiths – Paganism, Buddhism, Shamanism, Taoism, Sufism, Christianity, Judaism.
Currently Based in Germany, she offers ceremonies, healings and teaches online, and worldwide.

Leeliu specializes in guiding women (and more and more, men!) to reconnect back to Spirit,
To their womb, their bodies and hearts through embodiment practices, aligning mind, body, and soul.
Clients & students who have learned and received from Leeliu have said that she is open hearted, inclusive, nourishing, impactful, sincere & relatable in her offerings of facilitating healing and transformation. To learn more about Leeliu, visit her website leeliu.me

Praises about Leeliu

Leeliu is a Light bringer who is both highly connected to the cosmos AND deeply rooted in the Earth. As a walking altar, her mastery and transmission in the art of ritual comes from a deeply embodied devotion to Life. When Leelu holds ceremony, it’s not a performance, it’s a prayer.
She has an otherworldly capacity to hold and inspire deep personal transformation, because she has walked herself through these holy fires of change, step by step. She nourishes your soul and soothes your inner child, allowing your truth to shine through.
Wendy May, USA
Leeliu is one of the most heart-centred people I know. Not simply in her heart personally but her heart is well centered between spirit and grounded human compassion, authenticity and vulnerability. She’s an excellent guide who walks the territory before taking others there. I’ve been in many mixed circles with her including handling very delicate and serious situations and know her to be a person of high integrity, wisdom, intelligence and compassion. She is easy to open-up to and has a vibrancy, joy and sweetness which is contagious and life-affirming. Leeliu
Jamie Wraite, UK




Fire Element

8. November 2022

2pm – 90min




Earth Element

15. November 2022

2pm – 90min




Water Element

22. November 2022

2pm – 90min



Air Element

29. November 2022

2pm – 90min



Spirit Element

6. December 2022

2pm – 90min



Honouring & Celebration (mix circle open house)

13. December 2022

2pm – 90min


Standard: € 330 per person

Price Notes

Sign up gate closes by midnight Tuesday, 7th November 2022