About me

Sacred Feminine Muse. Ritual Artist. Joy Alchemist. 
YogaDance. New Earth Leader. Mentor.

Leeliu is a culture change maker of the New Earth.
As a sacred feminine embodied mentor, she advocates feminine empowerment & leadership, aligned with individual & collective Soul Sovereignty. 

She is committed to nurture and guide a global community of embodied sacred, sensual women from all cultures and backgrounds, to express their feminine essence and powers of beauty into the world. And re-educating beloved men along the way too! 

Devoted to heart-based intentional living with earth based principles & unity consciousness, she dedicates her life in exquisite expressions as moving poetry, a living prayer, of embodied wild beauty.

Inspired by her lifelong passion for dance, the arts, creative expression, feminine spirituality, Leeliu provides safe and powerful containers for women and men alike, to return to their innate purity and divine essence, through embodiment, and transformational inner work. 

She walks, dances, sings her path of love for Earth, creating and igniting magickal, beautiful ceremonial spaces, bringing her infectious healing presence of joy and loving wonder, wherever she goes, through the feminine healing arts.

Leeliu is a certified yoga teacher, meditator, a modern day temple priestess, Chi Nei Tsang & intuitive massage therapist, a reiki practitioner, a curator & facilitator of intentional gatherings, a keen writer, an activist for trees and clean water – a fierce hearted daughter of the earth, loving sister, mother, lover of life.

Immerse yourself,
in the rapture of radiance.
You know what lights you up.
Curiously wander down,
into this path of wonder,
with thee, the Great She

Leeliu‘s Offerings

  • WOW (Women of Wisdom)
    Shakti YogaDance (for women, 90min) 
  • WOW (Wondrous Oh Wild)
    Sacred Songs of Power (for women, 90min) 
  • Qigong Tea and Tao (for all, 1hr)
  • Intuitive Massage + Womb Healing Ceremony (2hr)
  • Womb Wonder: Voice Activation (1hr)
  • Sensual, Sexy Sovereign (90min)
  • Holy Innocence: Inner Child Loving (90min) 
  • 1:1 Holy WOW 3-month Pleasure Praise Portal
  • Group Ritual, Ceremonies & Celebration Curation & Facilitation: Women / Co-Ed (Cacao, water, blessingway, birthday, wedding, pre-wedding, death & rebirth, womb healing, praise & play parties)
  • Open to collaborations, co-creations with aligned creative projects + podcasts + guest teaching & consultation in other trainings and programs. 
Bio & my Offerings as a PDF