About me

Feminine Embodiment Guide. Ritual Artist. Praise Priestess. 
ShaktiDance. Circle Leader. Soul Muse, Ally, Mentor.

Leeliu is an everyday mystic, New Earth Leader and Goddess Wisdom Keeper. 

Born in Singapore, with ancestry from China, she has devoted her life to beauty; to awaken the divine, feminine, essence, liberate the wild soul within, & reignite the codes of Goddess, Gaia in all.

Her life before embarking on her own artistic journey was already creative, working in marketing, events and training, to create, promote and celebrate the arts, in music, movies, fashion and TV for over 14 years. 

She is a certified yoga teacher, meditator, a modern day priestess, Chi Nei Tsang and intuitive massage therapist, a reiki practitioner, a curator and facilitator of intentional gatherings, a keen writer, an activist for Earth, and womens rights.

Rooted in earth honoring, devotional women’s spirituality and goddess centered embodiment, this ritual artist, joy alchemist, WonderWoman Praise Priestess & Mentor of Wild Magic has been curating & creating circles of play and praise in circles & ceremonies, internationally and online since 2010, to advocate

Earth based spirituality, feminine empowerment & leadership, aligned with individual & collective Soul Sovereignty

She has and continues to design intentional spaces of rest and beauty (in both group and personal rites of passage and ceremonies), hosts and emcees intentional festivals and gatherings.

Whether through face-to-face contact with individual clients, workshop groups, online participants, Leeliu shares her joyous spirit, powerful passion and authentic presence opening people’s hearts, expanding their awareness and inspire them to live more joyful, fulfilling, and heart centred lives, to embrace the sacredness of life, as a living prayer. 

Leeliu currently teaches, offers personal & group healing, ceremonies, containers online and offers international transformational healing journeys, trainings & retreats.

Immerse yourself,
in the rapture of radiance.
You know what lights you up.
Curiously wander down,
into this path of wonder,
with thee, the Great She

Leeliu‘s Offerings


  • Goddess Yoga & Dance (for women, 1.5hr) 
  • Sacred Songs of Power (for women, 1hr – 1.5hr) 
  • Tao & Tea: Leaves in a bowl tea ceremony (for all, 1hr)

Customised & bespoke:

  • Group Ritual, Ceremonies & Celebration Curation & Facilitation: Women / Co-Ed (Cacao, water, blessingway, birthday, wedding, pre-wedding, death & rebirth, womb healing, praise & play parties)
  • Collaborations, co-creations with creative projects + podcasts + guest teaching & consultation in other trainings and programs. 


  • Intuitive Massage + Womb Healing Ceremony (1.5hr – 2hr)
  • Wild Womb Voice Activation (1hr)
  • Sensual, Sexy Sovereign (90min)
  • Holy Innocence: Inner Child Loving (1.5hr) 
  • 1:1 Wild Magic Woman 3-month Pleasure Praise Portal