Group Ceremonies

When Leeliu calls, we respond. We respond to the call of the wild women in us and around us, to retreat, to recharge, to reconnect, heart-to-heart, womb-to-womb, under the warm and powerful space and embrace that Leeliu provides for all of us. With our tired minds and bodies yet awaken souls, we arrive. As Leeliu weaves her magic and shows up time and time again her full awakened self, unapologetically in her fullest power with unwavering love for all beings, we too remember what we never forgot. We too are here to awaken to our own truth and power, connecting deeply with ourselves, with each other, and with Mother Nature. Leeliu awakens that part of us – that knows there’s more to unlearn, to shed, to let go of, so that we may begin to come home deeper to ourselves. Her retreat weaves these moments of rest and connection with moments of stepping into our power and always, always ends with love, deep deep sweet love that reminds us the wonders of being human – with all of our destruction, our capacity to love keeps us going, to continue finding our way to mend all that’s broken. Thank you Leeliu for holding such sacred space for the magic to unfold! We leave feeling more whole, more connected to our own truth, more hopeful and definitely more loved!
Systems Regenerator
In Leeliu’s presence, I feel held, seen, heard, loved… she has the gift of touching the place in me, where I’m one with everything there is, where I AM Love. Leeliu has beautiful energy and the gift of deep listening and holding space for others… I am inspired by her way of honoring herself and others. Thank you Leeliu for shining your Light, your beautiful, healing voice, your appearing in my life ❤️
Czech Mama | Yoga Teacher | Therapist
“dieses Wochenend – Seminar mit Leelui war wirklich außergewöhnlich schön, inspirierend und ich habe viel über mich dabei gelernt. Es wurde gelacht und geweint und ich habe mich dabei in der Gruppe sehr aufgehoben und wohl gefühlt. Leelii ist eine großartige Meisterin, die immer die richtigen Worte findet und selber noch durch ihr Lernen Weisheit weitergib. Ich kann das Seminar wirklich jeder Frau empfehlen, die noch tiefer in sich reinschauen möchte und dabei in einer geschützten Atmosphäre sich erleben kann.“ “This weekend seminar with Leeliu was really exceptionally beautiful, inspiring & I learned a lot about myself. We laughed & cried & I felt very safe and comfortable in the group. Leeliu is a great master who always finds the right words and passes on wisdom through her own learning. I can really recommend the seminar to any woman who wants to look deeper into herself and experience herself in a safe atmosphere.”
Feeling so grateful for the experience and for all of you! Feeling our togetherness and the magic we have created! Feeling beautiful and feminine! Feeling like something amazing has been activated! Feeling empowered! Went into mama mode right away on Sunday, to 3 amazing boys waiting for mama at home. Feeling their light more than ever! Seeing and hearing their beautiful souls. How important it is for them to understand the feminine too, to see beauty in everything, to connect to spirituality. At bedtime, we talked about the Divine, God, Love that is inside all of us and that connects all of us. They use these words too, I can see that it is natural for them. Have decided to do circle once a week with them – set up the space with flowers, mantra singing, yoga, sharing, journaling. Feeling joy, the joy that is inside, that sometimes sits there, waiting to be expressed! Expressing it! Spent the morning dancing and singing to beautiful music. This morning was all about connecting to my heart. Feeling peace! Thank you for this, wonderful Leeliu! You are truly magical, unconditional love! So much gratitude for you and for all that you do!
Homemaker | Mother of 3 | Artist of Love
Im still riding the waves from being in circle with Leeliu weeks ago. Leeliu creates a magical flow of pure being and presence. A place where I feel seen, heard, loved and appreciated. Her full embodiment of the wild, whole feminine is an invitation for me to feel safe to be in my wild, whole feminine. Her ability to feel into the energy and needs of the unique group means that we all step into this flow of naturalness, tending to exactly what the needs are of the group dynamic and what is coming up for each person as we explore, express, sing, dance and share. Held in circle with Leeliu I could allow the depth of my emotions to come to the surface and be expressed in that moment, let them go and feel fully in my heart. Just so much beauty, presence & love!
Developmental Coach | Embodiment | Tea Ceremony
“As a mama to 2 little girls, it is so important that I find time to also nourish myself. This is something I am eternally grateful I can outsource to goddess Leeliu. She allows me to show up in playfulness, softness, joy, sadness – whatever it is I need to replenish. I get reminded every time I join LeelIu’s adorning the goddess ceremonies that as I continue to age with grace, I can bring dance and song with me so that my girls also know how to embody this for their own lives. LeelIu has such a gift of pulling the little playful soul out of everyone she meets in and out of ceremony. She is pure love and pure joy to be with and anyone would be so lucky spend time with her. In these ceremonies I draw from the sweetness and wisdom that gets shared and I always bring song into my birth work so that these moments don’t leave me when the day is over. It’s always the perfect group and I hold these retreats so close to my heart. A safe space to be. Thank you Leeliu for your gift, your love, your leadership and for giving this mama space to play and be nourished. I LOVE YOU.🙏
Birthworker | Corporate Leader | Mama
“It feels so so right. So perfect, so present in the right here right now. I understand what It means to BE in my feminine softness, gentleness. I want to hold on to this BEing forever! Leeliu you have a magic about you and you bring out the magic in all of us. I have never trusted every Sista in the room so fast and so securely. I AM. WE are. It IS. I sit in wonderment of this sisterhood, of me. I love me. I accept me. I am grateful. I am so blessed. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you Mother. I love you.
Charity Org Leader, Artist, Reiki Practitioner, Mama, SG
Shabbat shalom beautiful shaman woman! I am full of energy and grateful after yesterday’s full moon ceremony. You inspire for women to be free and connect with all the elements and the universe. Thank you.
Leeliu is a magical being, beautiful space holder, and gifted wisdom carrier. Her kindness, devotion, music and compassion radiate from the essence of her pure being, and her words prayers, guided meditations are poetic nectar for the soul.
Leeliu’s offerings are exquisite. She creates a sacred container for you dive deep in to the wombspace. From radiant embodiment practices to joyfully singing, Leeliu weaves it all so beautifully together. Leeliu is a medicine woman, a goddess, an alchemist for you to blossom fully into your feminine splendor.
It was a memorable and beautiful online ceremony yet powerful, deeply awakened with blessings. Leeliu had shaped the moment real organized and creative, it was her energy and her will with fully devotion to created the sacred and nurturing space for all of us. I had tears of joy and felt supported by her and the sisters. With heart fully opened, I thank Leeliu for this opportunity of love and compassion. Highly recommended!
Leeliu has the ability to touch one in a depth that is powerfully intense yet so soft tender and lighthearted. It is in her presence that makes each women unfurl the parts of her held tightly and celebrate the divinity of the feminine in all her forms. With ease and grace and of course, genuine celebration – she guides presence and breath into sacred moments with the divine. Sitting with Leeliu in ceremony, I feel instantly at home. Sisterhood is effortlessly woven by her presence. I have watched her time and time again sing and pray and dance with sisters as we emerge from our shells, our cocoons and chrysalises, guided by her heart and tapping into the sweet power that resides within us. The way Leelius authentic presence and joy for life touched me I can never be the same again. Her tenderness wrapped me up in a way that I learned how to hold myself again. I am forever grateful for this dear woman and hold her in the highest light.