Adoration and self cherishing Her Natural Beauty.
Mother. Lover. Daughter. Child. Sister. Friend.
Exploring, expressing, experiencing, embodying the Goddess.

Slowing down. Softening. Sweetening. Soothing and nourishing the body, mind, spirit, heart, soul, spirit through rest, movement, pause, stillness, silence.

Hungarian, Bosnian, Czech, Austrian, German, Chinese living ancestors in training, women from all stages and phases of their Being and becoming join together engaging in Gaia Feminine Leadership we were on this special 2 day 1111 weekend retreat in Bavaria near Munich.

We danced, we chanted, we sang,

we gave permission to love and cherish ourselves, and each other.
We laughed, we cried,
We forgave and grieved for the parts of our old self shedding, dying.
We reclaimed the divinity and sovereignty of our bodies.
We declared ourselves as divine women, humans, Goddesses.
We celebrated this precious life, Mama Earth, and all its wonders.
We prayed for peace and harmony for all.

An intentional, rested, nourished, joyful, inspired, loving woman is a powerful force of Nature. In serving herself unconditional friendliness, she weaves the web of her life from the same ways she naturally serves everything and everyone in her life, from overflow.

Awakening the Goddess in one serves the all

Eternal gratitude to Axel for his service to the Goddess through these exquisite images. Grateful to circle with more women who feel emboldened inspired and safe to welcome a man to witness and document our intimate space + journey.

The next wombportal of a Gaia, Goddess journey opens in Thailand, a 7 day women’s journey in Jan 2024. Registration still open till Mid December.
Summertime June 2024 in Germany 2 Day weekend. Waitlist prebooking available.

Limited spaces for both transformative life changing journeys.
DM for more information

May this album serve and share with you Traces of Soul, Beauty, Nourishment to all

Blessings of peace to all

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