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11 – 16

Germany: Adoring The Goddess: APHRODITE – a wild magic summer sensual temple experience

22. May 2024
– 9:30pm
Heimeranstraße 70 in Munich
22. May 2024
– 21:30
Heimeranstraße 70 in Munich

Calling WonderWild Women of Munich!

Our juiciness, our joy, our love is our power. 

Swim in an evening delight of the senses, in softness, sweetness, sexiness, sharing Precious Shakti on a special summer edition; of Leeliu’s signature Adoring the Goddess, exploring, expressing and embodying Aphrodite together.

The evening will consist of mini rituals, with softening feminine practices, designed lovingly, playfully welcome you back to your organic sensual nature.

On Greek Goddess Aphrodite Magic & Medicine: 

  • Fertility, pleasure, youthfulness, beauty 
  • Invoking & sparking passionate love 
  • Goddess of the sea 

If you are having any thoughts like: 

  • I want more pleasure but need support, guidance, encouragement!
  • I just wish to be in the sweetness, softness of the feminine.
  • The feeling of being with a group of women doing pleasure practices sound overwhelming to me!
  • Aphrodi-who? 
  • I just want to put down all busyness in my life and not push or force myself to finish my to do list.

You’re so meant to come join me, we, Woman, Sister, Lover, Goddess! We will make a potent brew and drink in the medicine of rich feminine power, together!

Come as you are, precious flower, divine woman, and leave feeling more juiced up, jubilant, joyous, YUM!

Limited places available – book early to avoid disappointment!


  1. In all practices, there is NO COMPULSORY OBLIGATION to do or participate, you always only participate to your comfort level, your feelings and personal boundaries will always be honoured without question, and you can always say yes or no to anything, and change your mind at any moment. You don’t have to be, do or change anything about yourself to join. You will always have agency and choice to feel empowered to choose what feels right for you, moment to moment.
  2. there might be photography entering at some moment serve us leaning in and leading in empowerment and beauty expressions! (we will check in with the group to decide together on the evening itself) – the world is ready to see us rising and shining, and we are not holding back anymore! Please know photos taken can be shared for your personal use (not for commercial use). if you consent to photography being present yet do not wish to be photographed or featured, please let us know before the circle begins, and it will be lovingly respected honoured.

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22. May 2024

Temple Door opens, soft arrivals, landing
Temple Door closes, Circle Opening
Grounding, Welcome, briefing
730pm – 755pm
Consecration of sacred space
755pm – 815pm
Feminine Embodiment Practices (Breathe, Sound, Movement, Touch, Dance) – Solo & partnerwork
815pm – 915pm
Aphrodite Goddess Mini Sensuality Rituals + Practices
915pm – 930pm
Sharing circle


Normal Price: EUR 33 per pax

Circle culture members: EUR 22 per pax

Price Notes

REFUNDS / CANCELLATIONS can only be issued IF you have requested it within 48 hours of the event time and day, this serves us enough time to open up your space to others. Thank you for honouring this and the sacred space we are creating together.