Koh Phangan JAN 19-25 – Thailand (2023)

Its been a little over 3 weeks since this dream was realized, dreams manifested.

Feminine Bodies, minds, spirits hearts and souls nourished & inspired – more creativity cultivated, more loving faith in self, sisterhood and life, more love and beauty experienced & created


It is my honour and priviledge to be gifted by God(dess), to walk this way of beauty, to lead this revolution of this New Earth – eternal gratitude to my love @axel who has midwifed and supported this whole dream with me all the way, without getting paid yet gifting your time and creative source to this – life is so fulfilling, magical, and beautiful with you walking beside and with me, thank you for your devotion and love.

Galvanising this revolution of RISING RADIANT WOMAN I AM
Stewarding this vision of ALL IS SACRED, LIFE IS A CEREMONY I AM
Igniting the remembrance of GAIA CONSCIOUSNESS I AM
Together we rise
As Wonders of the World we uplift humanity in joy, wonder, beauty, in all beings, all bodies, all life

Now taking names for waitlist
Claim your spot / seat to the next dream witch me


WORK WITH ME in the meantime…

For all beings (no matter your gender)
Online / in person
1-on-1s / group ceremonies

Here to craft & curate / design / guide your ways of FEMININE, SPIRIT

  • Heal and Nurture your inner child
  • Reclaim your sensual sexy self as sacred
  • Living a more fulfilling, intentional, magical life on the daily
  • Deepen your Relationship to Self, Others, Life, Love
  • Create your dream life
  • Explore, Express & Embody your natural, magical, authentic self

❤ ONLINE VENUS RISING RADIANT Womens Temple Membership Launching March 20 – watch this space for more!

DM if any of this calls to you, to connect and chat more

It is time to unleash your greatness, I will be honoured to walk alongside you reflecting your nature witchu.


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infinite blessings and love,

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