A New Moon Eclipse/Beltane fire

A New Moon Eclipse/Beltane fire pre-bleed self love date with the moon, stars, grandfather fire prayer sit last evening 

I was choosing to begin this cycle of celebration, the turn of the wheel of the year in the pagan calendar, a tradition i was gifted to journey more deeply into with my beloved priestess teacher over 8 years ago. 
I knew my moontime was arriving, I declined invitations to socials,It was very clear this was a thresholdi wanted to cross

My inner masculine collected wood, twigs leaves, built and tended to grandfather fire keeping Him alive and burning for the whole evening, toggling between allowing my feminine to journal, sing, cry, soften, read poetry, pray and speak my intentions to the fire,I laid on the stony earth with my mosquito friends buzzing around me, drumming my bodies alive declaring with my love, 

TODO ES SAGRADO (all is sacred, in spanish)

To and for myself, to life, to Mama earth – the living skies so richly blanketed with stars, and the abundant jungle life,baring witness, receiving me. 

I sensual danced with myself, Chaya my feline pussy posse who understands these wild rhythms of the earth and skies vibes along with me here and there –  

We hung out in my spacious jungle bathroom stage together for a late night nature meditation – watching in wonder the diversity of insect life, butterflies, ants. Chaya hunts a snack of grasshopper after dance skating in and on the bathroom sink. 

i toggle between grief and praise, Whats alive, and what is dying in this time within me —
my womb she knew.i was preparing to shed in this time of renewal, and yet there were these strong energies keeping me so charged and awake till the late hours where the skies grow brighter with the stars beaming their brilliance. 

This exuberance of the height of Spring i feel in my body, even as she prepares for this inner winter. 
I love the wisdom of this womb who knows and hears the rhythms of the Earth, Ma. 

This morning i wake with blood, YES. I nourish and support life tending to this womb wise body that seeks to rest and allow the shedding to be met with less doing, more being, inviting this liminal space to deepen –A deep deprogramming in progress consistently — this body’s (And quite rightly, ALL our bodies, born in these times) so conditioned to be productive, to create.

It continues to amaze me how much we’ve inherited that serve us this constant nag within to DO SOMETHING. 

Rest is holy. I do not have to earn this to receive thisRest is vital for growth.Pause, stillness and Death are cycles of life. 

This body knows. And i listen, i’m becoming better and more loving, in this listening 
Honouring these sacred cycles and seasons of life, returning to the wisdom of the wild, we be, re-membering Reclaiming these precious, wisdom bodies. 

So grateful to live and breathe this life as a woman To be able to touch and feel this rhythm of Her more deeply ????????????

Sweet day(s) beloveds, may this season of beauty and her fertility, abundance bless us all 

See you soon again on the other side 


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