circling: in praise of wombmyn

Grateful to continue weaving
webs of womb wonder.
Grateful to gather divine mirrors of unconditional grace and inherent greatness, time and again.
Grateful to circulate, regenerate more love, beauty & wonder into our world.
Grateful to anchor more empowerment, expression, embodiment of HOLY WOMAN.
Grateful for this sacred work of womaning.


I celebrate my courage & power,
my magick & immense beauty
In activating, initiating, guiding self
and other women through all these years of circling, YES AND MORE PLEASE 


The celebrant in me declares thanksgiving is EVERYDAY.

Today I shine a light to give thanks for the women’s work I’ve been so graciously blessed to be gifted with to steward. 

Thank you Goddess, Ma.


Tracing back to yesteryears in my old life, I’d always been involved and part of
creating gatherings
– events of celebration, artistry, beauty.

The indigenous, tribal soul within has always gifted inspiration to move me, in mapping out ways of connecting, bringing and uniting people to come together – whether it was music marketing, event creation, training in corporate – from art exhibitions to outdoor cinemas, artistic competitions to fancy fashion shows,  retreats, gatherings, ceremonies & festivals, yoga classes to circle journeys, my own wedding – creating visions and experiences of beauty has already been a path that’s shown itself to me for over 20 years now (!? Where does the time go? Flash!).

I started to really cherish circling as a way of life from 2008, after a passionate and emotionally volatile relationship with an ex lover ended – I needed to heal my heart, reclaim my body, revive my spirit. I found myself in and with a soulfilled Osho community and sangha alongside copious hours of moving my body on the mat – a ton of yoga  – both asana and meditation in togetherness brought me into a deeper layer of home, to myself again.

In these healing times of togetherness, I was remembering this ancient, healing way of sitting in circle, with equals in a nonhierarchical space that feels connective, supportive, inclusive – no one behind, in front, above, below – together as one, representing a medicine wheel of community, reconciliation, unity, harmony. All voices, stories, experiences, all peoples, equally sacred, each and all lovingly important.

Circle ritual gatherings have been occurring possibly as early as 300,000 years ago with both men and women sharing stories around the fire, and is still practiced in indigenous tribes. These gatherings provide meaning and direction in life. Gathering in circle is a vital element in human life, and increasing numbers of women are discovering its potency for healing, meaning-making and enriching communications, it confirms the identity of the community through ritual, story-telling, dance and music. (resource:

And as much as it was so rewarding, circling in community, there continued to be a deeper longing to gather and simply be with women.
I opened up circles for women, because I needed it myself. It was initiated, birthed out of my own longing to sit in the healing energy of the feminine. I may not have known it so clearly at the time, but I was looking to repair my own relationship of woman
– seeing the fractured ways women before me related to themselves, and each other, being one myself, and being in relationship with them, and from young living the experience of comparison, with other girls was no fun
– it hurt my feelings and fueled my inner narrative and story of “not good enough”
– There continued to be deeper wounding with women over my growing years – having been traumatized, hurt and disrespected by fellow women, in work, love and friendship – to a point I had to seek out professional therapeutic healing in my mid – late 20s specifically because of it
– I acknowledge too, that in those times I have myself, been complicit in the cycle of hurt, having planted a few pain bombs myself, toward another
– I know we were / are all doing our best, in self-preservation and protection – navigating being human, woman, in the inflammed environment of toxic patriarchy together.

I followed this call to reframe and reinvent my experience living in the body, and form of woman – and touch the layers that could show me who else I could be, beyond the constructs of this mind, programmed by the external. To see and know myself deeper, through the reflections of so many unique versions of SHE, with other women, was soul necessary.

  – it was already challenging growing up as a girl feeling like my body was not truly mine but a commodity that could be explored, used and abused by boys and men – feeling less than, shut down, muted by the sharp edges the world seem to come with because of it — in addition of being compared with and put in competition with my own gender
– the unsafety, mistrust and armouring towards life that came along because of it all – golly!
I know I’m completely not alone in stories like this – many women like me I know personally, and beyond my circle, have similar (if not more devastating) stories.

I had inherited the tainted version of woman – and I was going to reshape it, revive it. The original purity, of Shakti. And I was going to dive in to changing it, together, with other women. I was emboldening my own voice, reclaiming my power as a woman.

Curating a healing, empowering sacred space purely for women, to rest, restore, replenish, rejuvenate is such a privilege, and wonder – a creative boosting pleasure(!) –- to come into a time, out of time, entering into a space, welcoming an emptying – to give thanks, lament, grieve, contemplate, heal & celebrate – feeding each other feasts of nourishment through our senses.

We love beauty. Expressing, exploring, embodying and creating it. Adornment of physical spaces, on our bodies, in our physical environment, with each other, through our creative expressions in the healing arts – sharing songs, poetry, stories, prayers, food.
To sing praises of beauty and build fires of the heart, warming and empowering self and each other in the process, harnassing our natural passion and kindness – restructuring the fabric of womenhood, sisterhood from the inside out – replacing the old patriarchal lens of competing, comparing, complaining to appreciation, admiration, adoration – moving, breathing, pausing, listening, receiving, entering embodied practices of breath, sound, movement, silence – to bring our feminine bodies into a holy hush – ecstasy emptying into stillness, grief transmuting to grace – there was (and remains to be today) nothing like it.


At the heart of it, in the truth beyond all conditioning and stories, is:


We will shake our cosmic pom poms for each other (go sister go!)

We will uplift and encourage, build each other up, as its being called upon.

We carry concerns and worries alongside each other, we share tears and honeyed hearts with each other, whether we’ve known each other for years, just met at a grocery store, or in a circle – a woman carries your stories with her, and mixes honey all over it, and reminds you how well you’re doing.

Women feed each other figuratively and literally – we check to see if someone remembers who’s vegan, sugar free, gluten intolerant, asking – do you have everything you need?

Women sacrifice without calling it that,
we love enough to let each other run through the old stories, old lessons again and again,
we also won’t hesitate to welcome each other out of our comfort zones and give each other a loving, sobering
– we help each other pack and transition into turning new chapters of becoming; we howl, move, and sound, to help each remember what matters most in times of need.

We love the layers of woman: folds of skin, sediments of time, stories built into present. We touch each other with our senses, our spirits and hearts – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually
– we recognize the nourishment of loving touch of and with other women – anointing, massaging, cuddling, serving loving service, actively listening to each other, to touch and be touched by each soul’s longings and challenges, reclaiming the safety of resting in each other’s presence.

We are naturally reverent, keen, actively interested in the why of each of this SHE that we be – we all have a shared longing to reunite within and around, into the great womb webbed connective embrace, of the one great majestic SHE. 

To hold and feel held, to listen and be heard, to give and receive from the greatest expression of love SHE (Mama, Earth, Love) embodies. 

Our bodies feel deeply connected to the Earth, there is something in our inner knowing, that feels our communion with the great Mother. We care so passionately about giving, nurturing, and standing for, and with Life. Loving stewards of this green Earth home, us women naturally are.



From Singapore to US, Nepal to Bali, Hong Kong to Thailand, Mexico to everywhere else I have and will continue to go, online or in person, creating and being part of magical feminine spaces has become my way of living and breathing this life awake.

Guiding my sisters back to their inherent birthright of sensual beauty & power,
Midwifing women into unleashing their greatest, untamed, embodied magic and joy,
continue to my greatest passions and inspiration,
and I’m excited to open up a chapter of this movement, very soon!




Calling in sisters, beloved women to enter into self worship time in embodying joyous beauty & curious wonder together, in less than 3 weeks


The Ritual of Wombmyn: a Shakti Sanctuary,
a honeyed coven of glorious
heart centred women
serving themselves the gift of
holy nourishment
Circulating & sharing INSPIRATION, FUN, BEAUTY, REVERENCE, POWER together.

90min weekly Venus Fridays:
Movement. Divination. Contemplation.
Prayer. Celebration.
(Serving blends of Qigong, Meditation, Yoga, Dance, Songs, Poetry, Sharing circle through our 8 weeks)

8 weeks: Jun 3, Jun 10, Jun 17, Jun 24,
Jul 1, Jul 8, Jul 15, Jul 22, Jul 29

Limited spots available, DM for details,
More to follow

Blessed Full Moon eclipse everyone, take deep tender care of yourselves – off to tend to let gos, i go

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